We marvel at the road, the way, and the preparation that it has taken for Elder Henry L. Kelly to arrive at this present moment. God has anointed this dedicated man of God to minister the Word by precept and example. During the early 80’s, he achieved many things and being new in the ministry did not hinder his service for the Lord.

In the San Francisco Jail system, Elder Kelly conducted church services for the inmates, New Believers Bible Classes, as well as counseling for alcohol and drug abusers. Sometimes these sessions would lead to one on one counseling, which was both challenging and life changing for many. Understanding that quality ministry produces integrity in a minister, Elder Kelly would go into the court rooms to represent the inmates, and would reach out to their families as well.

Becoming more determined to share the love of God, he wrote “Eleven Do’s and Don’ts in Dealing With Offenders” a training manual that has inspired many. Quite often his lectures and seminars on Jail and Prison Ministry inspired the Christian Community to join and work in their local prisons. Some ministers wear a few hats, some wear many and are called out by God to step out in many areas of faith. Elder Kelly has worn many hats while at the True Hope COGIC, he came as a Deacon, then he was called to be a Minister of the Gospel, Sunday School Teacher, a Member of the Counseling Staff, a Trustee Board Member, Executive Fundraiser President, and Spearhead Team Member for Special Projects, just to name a few. During the seven year period as Executive Fundraiser Bd. President, he was responsible for raising over $400,000.

Dr. Walker’s vision for the church, was brought about through faith in God, and Elder Kelly was one of many that caught that vision and produced fruit. In 1992 Elder Kelly and Dr. Walker co-founded -Caring and Restoration Homes, Inc. SF, CA.. Vice-president Kelly helped address a need in the Bay View Hunters Point Community with a residential drug / alcoholic rehab-program. Now the duties included (mixed with a lot of faith and love) supervising a staff of 7 board members, 6 managers, and assistant managers. Many community workers and counselors helped and once again he was responsible for their supervision. Hours were spent in prayer, as he equipped and trained for a ministry that would help men and women rebuild their lives.

With the support of loved ones, Elder Kelly has seen men become born-again, rehabilitated, educated with various skills, men who society gave up on are now “Men of Honor”. The Lord has truly guided Elder Kelly’s footsteps along this road of ministry.

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.” Proverbs 37:23